Guide for changing Open-Xchange throttling limits

Since version 7.2.2 Open-Xchange introduced a configurable rate limit to restrict number of incoming HTTP requests fired from a certain IP and User-Agent.Limitierungen für die Anzahl der HTTP Verbindungen pro IP und Benutzer eingeführt worden, um DoS Attakten zu unterbinden. If that rate limit is exceeded the associated client receives a "429 Too Many Requests" error code. The coniguration can be changed in ''


Change rate limits

  1. Open '', which is located in PathtoOpen-xchange/etc/

  2. Change the rate limit that applies to incoming HTTP requests
    com.openexchange.servlet.maxRate=1500 (Default value 1500 requests)

  3. Change the rate limit's time window in which to track incoming HTTP requests in milli seconds com.openexchange.servlet.maxRateTimeWindow=300000 (Default value is 300000 - 5 minutes)