How it works

With our groupware migration service you can easily migrate emails, contacts, calendar data, tasks and notes between different systems. Dependig on the source and destination systems also permissions, rules and out-of-office replies can be migarted. Our service connects via standard protocols to source and destination accounts automatically and without software installation. The migrations can be configured very simple via Web application similar to a Webmailer; no previous knowledge is required.

The following information are required to configure and run a migration:

  • Before migrating you need new (and empty) mailboxes from your new hosting provider. We recommend that you assign temporary passwords for the migration. When migrating multiple mailboxes, a best practice is to start with one mailbox first and afterwards migrated the remaining ones.
  • The names of your current and new email provider (or server addresses)
  • User credentials for each source and destination account. (or admin credentials; destination accounts have to be created in advance)

Open our Migration Service:

1 Select providers

Select source and destination providers from our provider list or configure your custom server.


2 Enter credentials

Enter credentials for source and destination account or upload CSV for adding multiple accounts.


3 Start migration

Based on data volume and etimated migration duration the appropriate starting point can be selected.


4 Observe status

The migration runs fully automated - the status can be observed at any time. You will receive emails at migration start and end with a link to the status page.


5 Switch domain

If you would like to switch your corresponding domain after the migration, you can start a second delta pass.