Check list for migrating from/to a custom servers

The following checklist will support your migration planning, if a custom server is involved. Please refer to the instructions how to configure your own server in our migration service.

Required information

The migration speed and migration planning are influenced by the following parameters. Please collect these information upfront.

  • What data volume have to be transferred in total?

  • What size does the largest mailbox have?

  • What are the credentials of the mailboxes?

  • Does the system support admin accounts that you do not need the mailbox passwords for migration?

  • Are there any limitations that can influence the migration (e.g. Supported message size, throttling settings, etc.)?

  • Which interfaces/protocols are supported? (e.g. IMAP, EWS, CardDAV/CalDAV)?

  • What is the current server load?

  • What bandwidth is allocated for migration?

Download free migration planning sheet

By using the form provided by us free of charge, you can plan your migration in a few steps. You can easily determine the number of simultaneously possible mailbox migrations and calculate the estimated duration of the migration upfront. In addition you can generate a CSV file, which you can use can.

Download migration planning sheet