Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. General questions about email migration
  2. Questions about the migration process
  3. Questions about security and privacy issues

General questions about email migration

When do I need a migratiun service?
The audriga migration service copies emails, folders and often contacts, calendars, task and notes from your current provider or server to the new account.
Do I have to install software?
The migration can be configured on a website within your browser - no software installation is required.
Which email providers are supported?
We generally support all common email and groupware systems and providers, which can be accessed via standard protocols like IMAP or EWS. A detailed list can be found in on our supported system page.
Is it possible to migrate emails from a company resp. private email server?
Yes, if the the server can be accessed via the internet, our system can migrate from and to your server. However, the internet connection of your server should be adequately fast. If larger mailboxes are involved (>1 GB of data) we recommend at least 1 MBit bandwith.
Can you migrate emails from my desktop email application?
No, we can only migrate emails which are located on the server of your provider. This typically equals all emails which you can see with the webmail application of your provider. We can not migrate emails which you deleted from the server of your provider and which are exclusively located on your local desktop computer.
How can I delete emails in my old mailbox after the migration has finished?
audriga does not offer any means to delete emails. Some providers allow to clean the mailbox within their webmail interface. Alternatively, you may delete the complete mailbox in the administration panel of your provider.

Questions about the migration process

Can I access my emails during the migration?
Yes, you can access your emails during the migration. However, you should not modify the folders in your account.
What happens if new emails arrive at the old account during the migration?
After the initial migration has finished, you can start a second pass "delta migration" which will only transfer emails which have been arrived in the old account after the migration had started.
How long does a migration take?
The duration depends on a number of factors such as the number of accounts, the amount of data and the network connection of your source and destination provider. Usually, the data transfer will be around 500 MB to 1 GB per hour per account with multiple accounts in parallel.
How can I access a running email migration?
After starting the migration you will receive a status email with a link to the dashboard website of the migration.

Questions about security and privacy issues

Is it possible that emails are lost during the migration?
No. Our migration service takes care that all emails will be properly transfered, e.g., also in the case of temporary connection errors. Furthermore, we do not delete any mails in the source account. So in any case, a copy of your mails will remain in your old account.
Are my account credentails handled safe?
Your credentials (username and password) will be encrypted and stored in our system for the duration of the migration. The credentials will be automatically deleted after the migration has finished.
How will data be transfered from source to destination provider?
If supported by the source and destination provider, we will exclusively rely on SSL-encrypted connections for data transfer.
How can I be sure that audriga really practices the stated IT security measures?
The audriga team has a track record in IT security. Thus our internal processes were designed to comply with common industry standards such as ISO 27001 right from the beginning.
What exactly will be migrated? Will all folders and email flags be migrated?
A migration will copy all emails and folders to the destination account in the same state as they are stored in the source account. All provider-independent properties such as the status of an email (read/unread) will be retained.
Will filter rules be migrated?
Filter rules, which are used e.g. to automatically sort emails into folders according to some criteria, are tool-dependent and can thus not be migrated by our service.
Can I copy multiple source accounts into one destination account?
Yes, our service allows to migrate different source accounts into one destination account.
Are emails transfered in a secure way?
Yes, we make use of SSL-encrypted connections if supported by the provider.
Are emails stored by the migration platform?
No, we do not store any emails in our system. Emails are tranfered from source to destination provider one by one.
Will emails in the source account be deleted?
Nom our migration service copies mails from source to destination account. Emails in the destination account will not be deleted during the migration process.